BAM Ritchies: Scourie Pier Refurbishment

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Scourie Pier was closed to the public due to its unsafe condition and BAM Ritchies were recruited to repair the structure. The initial phase of the repair works was to clean the structure by high-pressure water jetting to remove marine growth and algae and to apply sprayed concrete to stabilise the large voids at the pier head. This provided additional load bearing capacity to enable safe working on the pier.

A393 reinforcement and 16mm “l” dowels were included in the specification and formwork was placed to ensure the correct cover and alignment of the finished sprayed concrete for the Scourie Pier Refurbishment.

A “toe” detail was specified by the consultant engineer. The height of the tides made it difficult to construct, as the tide did not fully clear the structure. BAM Ritchies employed a local groundworks contractor to create a “coffer dam” effect to enable the “toe” detail to be constructed using the sprayed concrete method.

The completed structure was sprayed to full thickness (200mm) and then a 10mm “flashcoat” was applied to close the surface and leave a uniform finish to the structure. The pier furniture was then reinstated to provide a safe environment to the public and the jetty was reopened to the public.

The project was completed earlier than the anticipated programme had allowed and all interested parties were delighted with the finished structure.

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