Normet UK: Crossrail C310

Normet UK completes works on the Crossrail C310 project and were able to supply the contractor with two types of alkali-free set accelerator to test

BAM Ritchies: A82 Eiriege Culvert

BAM Ritchies completed strengthening works comprised stainless steel structural reinforcement and a 150mm-thick sprayed concrete lining under the A82.

BAM Ritchies: Border Rail Tunnels

BAM Ritchies Concrete Techniques spraying and grouting teams undertook four month’s work near Galashiels on the Borders Rail project with BAM Nuttall.

BAM Ritchies: Balintore Sea Wall Refurbishment

Highland Council contacted BAM Ritchies Concrete Techniques section to undertake emergency repairs to the sea wall so as to prevent further damage.

BAM Ritchies: Environmental Agency Cornwall, Sea Defences

BAM Ritchies sprayed concrete team were called upon to assist BAM Nuttall in the restoration and strengthening of storm-damaged sea defences in Cornwall.

BAM Ritchies: NAB Tower, English Channel

BAM Ritchies worked on the reconstruction of Nab Tower in the English Channel, removing the steel casing of the tower to expose the inner concrete core.

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