SCA Membership is divided into four categories as follows:

Full Members – Contractors

Membership is open to Contracting companies with a proven track record and established in sprayed concrete.  Companies shall meet the requirements laid down in the Rules of the Association including employing only fully qualified nozzleman for Sprayed Concrete work.  As a guide companies should meet the following requirements.

  • Adequate general and technical management expertise and supervisory personnel.
  • An acceptable form of records, regularly maintained, of all employed operatives’ training and experience.
  • Members of a recognised Wage Regulatory body.
  • Have a system acceptable to the Association for quality Assurance/Quality Control (eg. ISO9001).
  • Operate with due regard to the safety and well-being of employees and the public.
  • Demonstrate the expertise of employees in the field of sprayed concrete.
  • Employ only fully qualified nozzleman for Sprayed Concrete work.

Full Members – Manufacturers or Suppliers of Materials or Equipment

Membership is open to  specialist firms or companies manufacturing or supplying materials or equipment for use in sprayed concrete contracts.

Associate Members

Associate membership is open to professional services companies (e.g. structural engineering. This category is also open to practices not covered by full membership but nevertheless directly concerned with the sprayed concrete industry.

Overseas Associate Members

Associate Membership shall be open to contracting companies based outside the UK (which nevertheless meet all the requirements of Full Membership), manufacturers or suppliers of sprayed concrete materials, or equipment suppliers who do not have offices in the UK.


*Please note that membership is automatically renewed each year. You need to provide written notice if you wish to resign from membership.

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