BAM Ritchies: Colwyn Bay Seawall, North Wales

BAM Ritchies were appointed to carry out 800 m2 of sprayed concrete repair works to the promenade wall as part of the Colwyn Bay Water Front Project.

BAM Ritchies: Blackwall Tunnel, London

BAM Ritchies carried out the concrete refurbishment of the Blackwall Tunnel in London tunnel which included application of sprayed concrete.

BAM Ritchies: Loch Katrine

The BAM Ritchies team completed repair works on the Loch Katrine Aqueduct in Stirling from the 5.7 billion-gallon Loch Katrine.

BAM Ritchies, Swanage Coastal Protection

The project required a reinforced concrete solution to protect a cliff face slope against tidal erosion, beneath the Pines Hotel in Swanage Dorset.

Shotcrete Services: Bridgewater, West Quay

This project by Shorcrete Services at Bridgewater, West Quay, involved the stabilisation of the carriageway which was washing away with each tide.

BAM Ritchies: Clevedon Pier

BAM Ritchies sprayed concrete team were called upon to assist Beard Construction to construct reinforced concrete walls at Clevedon Pier.

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