Normet UK: Crossrail C310

Normet UK completes works on the Crossrail C310 project and were able to supply the contractor with two types of alkali-free set accelerator to test

BAM Ritchies: Corrib Tunnel

BAM Ritchies used a structural steel start ring to facilitate the positioning of the tunnel boring machine being used to drive the Corrib Tunnel.

BAM Ritchies: Clevedon Pier

BAM Ritchies sprayed concrete team were called upon to assist Beard Construction to construct reinforced concrete walls at Clevedon Pier.

BAM Ritchies: Border Rail Tunnels

BAM Ritchies Concrete Techniques spraying and grouting teams undertook four month’s work near Galashiels on the Borders Rail project with BAM Nuttall.

BAM Ritchies: Port of Workington Ship Strike

The Port of Workington appointed BAM Ritchies to undertake the necessary repairs to bring the jetty back to its original condition.

Shotcrete Services: Milton Keynes

Shotcrete Services was employed to install a 125mm thick reinforced concrete slab over a consolidated sub-base underneath a road bridge in Milton Keynes.

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