Shotcrete Services: Bridgewater, West Quay

This project by Shorcrete Services at Bridgewater, West Quay, involved the stabilisation of the carriageway which was washing away with each tide.

Shotcrete Services: Darwin Cocoon, Natural History Museum

Shotcrete Services and created on site to form the cocoon structure of the Darwin Cocoon at the Natural History Museum, London.

BAM Ritchies: Whalley Rail Viaduct, Lancashire

The Whalley Rail Viaduct near Clitheroe in Lancashire was strengthened with construction work carried out by BAM Ritchies.

BAM Ritchies: Earlswood Embankment, Huyton

BAM Ritchies Concrete Techniques division undertook the complex works on the electrification of the main Liverpool to Manchester Victoria rail line.

Shotcrete Services Ltd: Wellclose Square

Shotcrete Services Ltd provided supply and labour plant and materials to excavate and construct sprayed concrete enlargements within existing tunnel.

Shotcrete Services: Milton Keynes

Shotcrete Services was employed to install a 125mm thick reinforced concrete slab over a consolidated sub-base underneath a road bridge in Milton Keynes.

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