Free Form Structures

Sprayed concrete is used for swimming pools, landscaping, climbing walls, theme parks, skate parks, sculpture, water sports slalom courses, and zoological structures.

Protective Coatings

Sprayed concrete is ideal for fire protection to structural
steelwork, refractory linings,  and pipeline encasement.

Water Retaining Structures

Sprayed concrete is used in sea, canal, and river walls, reservoirs and dams, bund walls, aqueducts, water towers, irrigation and drainage channels, and sewage tanks.

New Construction Projects

Sprayed concrete can be used for shell roofs, domes and ‘freeform structural walls’, single sided retaining walls, piled wall facings, silo structures, and more.

Repair and Structures

Sprayed concrete is suited to cathodic protection overlays, fire- and reinforcement corrosion-damaged structures, and jetties and wharves.

Underground Construction

Sprayed concrete can be used for primary tunnel linings, secondary tunnel linings, tunnel junctions and enlargements, shaft construction,  and storage reservoirs.

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