Sprayed concrete is commonly used for repairs and structural works.  Not only is its bond strength typically excellent, it is also expect to obtain high compressive strengths and dense compaction obtained by the high velocity of its application.

It is often used for:

  • Cathodic Protection overlays
  • Fire-damaged structures
  • Concrete damage by reinforcement corrosion
  • Jetties and wharves
  • Railway tunnel and bridge repairs
  • Strengthening works

To see sprayed concrete in use in repairs and structural works, see the gallery below.

Repair and Structures Gallery

Repair and Structures Case Studies

Shotcrete Services: Milton Keynes

Shotcrete Services was employed to install a 125mm thick reinforced concrete slab over a consolidated sub-base underneath a road bridge in Milton Keynes.

BAM Ritchies: Scourie Pier Refurbishment

Scourie Pier was closed to the public due to its unsafe condition and BAM Ritchies were recruited to repair the structure.

BAM Ritchies: Whalley Rail Viaduct, Lancashire

The Whalley Rail Viaduct near Clitheroe in Lancashire was strengthened with construction work carried out by BAM Ritchies.

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