Shotcrete Services: Bridgewater, West Quay

 In Case Study, Repair and Structures


This project by Shorcrete Services involved the stabilisation of the carriageway which was washing away with each tide.

The carriageway contained High Voltage cables, live sewer and other services. Work was completed between tides with a fast setting high-strength shotcrete. The stabilisation works then allowed engineers to devise a suitable long‐term solution to the collapsed river wall and its eventual reconstruction.

With this short‐term stabilisation, the carriageway would have continued to erode, resulting in the damage of the town’s services and potential collapse of the riverside buildings.

This project was awarded the 2012 Fleming Award.

Key aspects:

  • Rapid response, the Shotcrete team and their specialist in‐house
    equipment were on site within 12 hrs.
  • Use of fast setting C40 shotcrete, reinforced with steel fibres, enabled
    works to be completed between tides.
  • Use of suspended access reduced risk of operatives having to work in
    the collapsed area.
  • Shotcrete stabilised the wall enough that it remained in place
    throughout the repair without it collapsing. This enabled the safe
    removal of the masonry and its subsequent reuse.
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